My Friends. The ultimate cure.

My mother told me something that made a huge impact on how much my relationships with people in my life mean to me. She said that when my siblings and I or even my dad are emotionally/physically hurting, it tears her apart because we are all pieces of her heart walking around. And when we get hurt, she gets hurt too. While I know some of you may find that extreme, it is what I live by. And that is fine because like I addressed in my last blog; we all love differently! But I am like a mother to my friends. I take care of them and listen to them like my mother taught me to do. I am funny and encouraging and just love to have fun with my friends. They bring the best out of me and know me better than myself at times to be honest. They are my inner strength and constant support system and remind me that I’m more than my depression. So I think I should introduce you to some incredible people in my life.

My girls and I.

So when I was six and my family moved out of our apartment and into a real house and I had to start at a elementary school I was pretty scared. Luckily that very day when I met my music teacher I also met her twin children, Andrew and Brianna. Brianna and I were shy with each other at first but once I asked if she played Barbies the rest was history. We played together every day. We dressed up and rode our bikes and jumped on the trampoline and put on plays/musicals for our families and went to the park and played with our brothers. Oh the adventures could go on and on. But never would I realize just how long the real adventure would go on, and continues to go on today. No relationship in my life has ever been stronger. We over came so many struggles together. We grew up together and found ourselves in each other. We are so much a like it’s scary. One of our favorite things to do together is sing. Our voices become one, and it is magical. I have laughed till I’ve cried with her; our sense of humor is completely unique. We practically have our own language. I learned to trust and dream from her. She reminds me everyday of my talents I have to share with the world. She makes me feel confident and strong with myself. I found who I was because of her. I love her with all my heart. She goes to New York University. She will be graduating this semester in Psychology. She is the most incredibly smart, strong, wise beyond her years woman that I have ever known.

Doing what we do best.


Crazy about this girl.

My best friend of 18 years. To the rest of our lives!

In High school when I was in band I was the section leader of the Clarinets all four years. My Sophomore year I met Miranda. We had just finished dinner in the cafeteria before a Friday night football game and I was walking past the table where the Pit Crew sat. I heard a rather loud burp and turned to see a beautiful, sweet-faced girl give me a smile. “Wow. That’s impressive!” I laughed. We both laughed hysterically and I grabbed a soda and challenged her to a burping contest. Thus began a beautiful relationship. Miranda was a clarinet player and in my section but didn’t march that first year so she could be in pit. She excelled in her instrument all through High school. She made State three years in a row. A feet never made as often or as young by anyone at the school. Today she goes to A&M Commerce and is studying music. She’ll graduate next year. Band is nothing without the incredible friends you make. It is like a second family. You get up early every morning during marching season to learn your show and march in the hot Texas sun. You shed sweat, tears, and blood together. Needless to say it brought us closer. She would be clarinet section leader with me. It wasn’t just band that brought Miranda closer to me but actually what happened outside. Miranda was very fragile when I first met her. She had a very troubled past that she shared with me and I saw this vulnerable girl trusting me to open herself up to. From that day on I took her under my wing and “showed her the world” as Aladdin says. She opened up more and more over the months of getting to know her. We had lunch together and texted each other everyday. Soon after we were inseparable. Our summers were spent over each others houses constantly. We would have jam sessions where we would listen to music and dance. We would stay up late watching scary movies and wearing facial masks while eating crap. Our favorite is The Exorcist. We never get tired of watching 13 Going On 30 or watching her favorite Disney film The Little Mermaid. But our favorite movie to watch together is Moulin Rouge. When I’m with Miranda I feel free and happy to wear the skin I’m in. We joke that if we put my boobs and her butt together we would be the “perfect” woman. She is so loving and talented and passionate for music and life. She reminds me to have fun and be happy despite all insecurities.

After a performance the band went to Cici’s and got mustaches out of a vending machine.


Quite possibly my favorite picture of us.

Her  High school graduation (2013).


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