Why can’t I say what I think? (Connector Post)

It’s a maddening occurrence. It can be as simple as getting your words jumbled and feeling tongue-tied, to not having those thoughts come out of your mouth at all. And you’re like, how does that happen?! I’m not stupid. Am I? If it was easy for us to articulate our thoughts, would we be as afraid of public speaking? And would writers be able to put their thoughts down on paper with ease and not worry about writers block? I want to understand this phenomenon. Two sites I visited helped shed some light on something that greatly impacts my self-esteem.


This site relies on feedback. Users can post questions and/or comments and are provided with helpful and supportive answers/comments. A lot of the comments do not provide an answer but all relate to the user. But it is something that could relate to social anxiety, personally for myself anyway.


This site provides the reader with 7 steps to overcome their inarticulacy. It too does not really present a reason as to why this occurrence happens. However the steps it provides does encourage one to think before they speak. It reminds me that we get caught up in the exchange and not the words were actually saying.

So while I didn’t find a solid answer, I did discover that a lot of people suffer from this and that there are ways of fixing it, or at least making it bearable. But if it is something you are really struggling with I encourage you to read these sites and look around the web for other helpful resources.


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